1. Introduction


KBC Bank N.V. is a Belgian universal multichannel bank, focusing on private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises.


Besides retail banking, insurance and asset management activities, KBC is active in European debt capital markets, domestic cash equity markets and in the field of corporate banking, leasing, factoring, reinsurance, private equity and project and trade finance in Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe and elsewhere.






2. How did this campaign help KBC?


KBC wanted to push this groundbreaking update to the crowd: KBC is now officially the first Belgian financial institution allowing its clients to chat with their bank insurer on Whatsapp. 

KBC decided to embrace the power of their employee advocates and decided to set up a social sharing campaign. Social sharing happens when advocates share industry related news and the latest product updates about your company to their social media networks. 

Why did KBC exactly opt for the social share? Well, social sharing increases credibility. Why? Because the message doesn’t come from the brand directly, but it comes -in this case- from KBC’s employees who shared this update to their peers. Studies prove that 83% of consumers trust messages that come from people they know. Whereas 81% of Millennials stated that they have no trust in traditional advertising at all.


3. Campaign’s results


KBC set up the social sharing campaign in the Ambassify platform and sent out an invite to 1400 brand advocates to participate in this campaign.

The invite had a 71% open ratealmost 1000 brand advocates opened KBC’s social sharing message. A whopping 750 brand advocates actually shared this message to their social media channels.

The actual result? KBC’s update generated 23 596 clicks from people who wanted to read more about KBC’s newest feature.


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