Dealer & Social Advocacy: Gaining a competitive advantage in 2024

Join us at our live event together with Daikin, Renson, Yanmar, P&V Group, Modular Lighting Instruments, EuroGarden, BNP Paribas, Honda, Allianz, Televic, Capgemini, and Bouwunie!

What to expect:

  • Trends for 2024 in the digital marketing and social advocacy space

  • Unpack the vision of thought leaders of the social advocacy space to gauge the new challenges and solutions for 2024

  • Activating and leveraging dealer- and employee-driven word-of-mouth

  • Dealer advocacy 101 — how to leverage the network of your distributors to amplify reach

  • Building a feedback loop to collaborate on the content creation and sharing process

  • Tapping into your dealers' established network to unify your brand image

Register for our Breakfast Event on February 27 at 9:00 a.m. in Antwerp

Join us for coffee and a croissant & discover the lastest digital marketing trends for 2024

February 27, 2024  9:00 - 12:00 CET Delaware office, Antwerp English


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Customers who are already amplifying reach with dealer advocacy
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Meet our speakers

You'll have a chance to discover the experiences of current customers with a similar background to yours who have already implemented dealer advocacy to build a more solid relationship with their dealer network and amplify their branding efforts through them.

Kurt Vergult speaker

Kurt Vergult

Kurt is driven by a passion for digital media in the advertising world and enjoys collaborating to achieve inspiring, creative, innovative, and demonstrable results in new concepts or campaigns. He prefers to start with the end customer in mind, as that's where the results become measurable. Kurt serves as the creative director at Delaware, working mainly with B2B clients to contribute to their innovation projects.

Noémie Léonard

Noémie Léonard

After starting her career in the sustainability sector, Noémie joined the Group P&V 5 years ago to support their communication efforts on Social Media. Once the brand's accounts were running smoothly, supporting the P&V brand’s network of agents with their social media pages was a priority. It is in this context that she turned to Ambassify to be the platform to help with this endeavor.

Rik Lagey speaker

Rik Lagey

With more than 25 years of enthusiasm for digital transformation and the new forms of communication in both B2B and B2C, today Rik is a partner and die-hard believer of Ambassify — the Brand Advocacy Platform for Employees and Customers, and a specialist in the development of communications — where he works as Word-of-Mouth Enabler, specializing in Dealer Advocacy.