1. Introduction

Bongo is a subsidiary of Smartbox, a B2B and B2C company selling gift boxes.

Bongo wanted to refurbish its cover photo of one of their gift boxes and decided to set up a campaign that allowed them to co-create new product packaging with their advocates. 

2. How did Bongo proceed?

Bongo invited their social media followers to flood Bongo's company page with original photos of their pet, which could be used for product packaging.


Next, Bongo uploaded all photos into their advocate community and encouraged their advocates to vote for their favorite photo. That way Bongo's advocates picked the finalists of this contest, sending them to a professional jury.


Ultimately, the jury selected the winning dog that participated in a professional photoshoot. Once this shoot was done all photos were uploaded again in Bongo's community portal and Bongo approached their advocates one last time to vote for their favorite shot of the winning dog.


Bongo's advocates also received an exclusive webshop coupon code which they could share with their friends and acquaintances. This code could be used over a time span of one week. Ambassify allows its users to track the extra sales coming from the coupon code in the platform's analytics report. 


3. Campaign's results

Bongo always focused on building and fostering relationships within the platform. Due to these strong relationships people were eager to share how they experienced co-creating new product packaging together with Bongo.
23% of Bongo's advocates actively participated in this campaign and shared their experience on social media channels.


The outcome of Bongo's Next Dog Model campaign was impressive:

  • Bongo noticed an increase in their total webshop revenue with 28%
  • Bongo observed their general sales figures rise with 13%


4. Conclusion

Bongo not only managed to keep their advocates engaged through interactive and entertaining challenges, they also increased their sales figures.

To sum up: fans had fun, advocates participated and encouraged engagement and Bongo fostered relationships and had a nice little backlog of amateur and professional photos for use in the future. 



Catherine Eygenraam

Community Manager @ Bongo

We use the Ambassify community to identify and activate our Bongo Stars. Next to the amazing experience of truly interacting with our best fans and letting them influence our strategy, we also saw strong numbers. Our average deal size almost doubled through advocate referrals and 25% of our advocates wrote a testimonial when being asked.