1. Introduction

Golazo is a leisure company that organizes more than 250 sporting events in Belgium and abroad, as well as sports promotion programs. Golazo’s main goal is to encourage people to do sports.


Each year Golazo organizes a series of obstacle runs, better known as the KBC Spartacus Series. This year they decided to move the Neptunus Run (which takes place at the Belgian coast) from Nieuwpoort to Oostende. 
The opinion of their brand advocates matters a lot to Golazo so they decided to involve them.


2. How did this campaign help Golazo Belgium?

Through a poll, Golazo was able to gather feedback from their advocates, giving them the chance to speak up. Here is some detail on how Golazo proceeded:


Golazo wanted to check whether their decision to move the Neptunus Run from Nieuwpoort to Oostende would have a (positive) impact on the participation level of sports fanatics. Through a poll Golazo allowed their advocates either to vote for their favorite answer, or, even to let them add their personal answer. This campaign helped Golazo gather some valuable insights concerning the participation behaviour in the Neptunus Run .



3. Campaign's results

First things first. Before Golazo set up their campaign they identified their true Neptunus Run advocates. Golazo set up a poll and sent out an invite to these advocates to participate in the poll. The invite had an open rate of 85% and more than 38% actually participated in the poll.  
The opinion of the Neptunus Run advocates was loud and clear:  An overwhelming 85% indicated that they didn’t mind at all that the Neptunus Run moved from Nieuwpoort to Oostende and would participate in this run anyway.


4. Conclusion

This campaign not only helps Golazo to gather valuable feedback from their advocates, but it also helps them build and foster strong relationships with them. Through this campaign Golazo shows they care about who's participating in the Spartacus Series. Golazo values the opinion of their advocates. 
In return their advocates feel acknowledged, appreciated and honoured.




Patricia Ballet

Social Media Manager @ Golazo

This was the first time we actually set up a poll campaign. I must admit that we were pleasantly surprised by the insights and positive feedback we gathered. The good thing about a poll campaign is that it doesn't limit the number of possible answers.