1. Introduction


Revival Animal Health is one of our American customers that is a major player in pet food and accessories.


They focus on delivering qualitative and reliable products to pet owners, breeders and shelters.


Filled with faith in the strength of their ambassadors, they started with a twofold ambition to bring both their customers and their staff closer together.




Revival Animal Health
NPS results

2. Unactionable NPS results


Revival Animal Health had previously sent out an NPS, but because the results weren’t tied to individual e-mails there was nothing else to do but admire them.

When starting with Ambassify, the first thing they did was send out a new NPS to all of their 21.000 customers and it was stunning.

-   NPS total of 88/100
-   92% promotors
-   Only 4% detractors

Because they were now tied to individual user profiles, Revival Animal Health could take it even further.

-   They asked their customers who scored at least 7 what social media they actively use. This way, they could improve their social media marketing strategy

-   They asked their customers who scored 6 and below what is most important so that they can improve their service


3. One team, one shirt


Revival Animal Health wanted to gather their employees in a community, which would further strengthen the common passion for pet care. After letting the employees suggest and vote on a name - which became Paw Squad Nation - they wanted to have a team T-shirt to visualize the internal solidarity to customers and external partners...

Rather than choosing one shirt and forcing it upon everyone of the staff, they chose to make several designs and let their employees choose through an Ambassify Community Poll. The results were immense:

-   High employee satisfaction 
-   70% interaction rate 
-   Larger than ever feeling of belonging


One team one shirt
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