1. Introduction


Runners Need is a British running specialist with 27 distribution centres in the UK and Ireland, supplying running shoes, clothing, nutrition, accessories & much more.

Besides distributing running products, Runners Need is a community minded company with a strong solidarity among their customers, translated in a numerous account of Run Clubs all over the country to enforce each others running spirits.




2. How did this campaign help Runners Need?


Runners Need wanted to push their boundaries by inspiring the running crowd. Letting them tell their own story and share it with like-minded running addicts of all levels should strengthen the belief that running is more than just a way to fill up your day.

Runners Need decided to embrace the power of their advocates and decided to set up a Instagram campaign to gather input from the running community. By repeatedly posting Instagram stories, an active call was made to join the running community in order to answer questions and gain insight into the plans of other runners.

As a sign of open recognition, a Medal Monday campaign was set up to reward people for their efforts by offering a discount in the shops on presentation of a medal they had earned during running courses earlier this year.

The action went viral and when a review campaign was launched in which everyone could share their personal story around the medal with the rest of the community, a social buzz was created around the Runners Need brand that was unseen.


3. Campaign’s results


Runners Need set up the social sharing campaign in the Ambassify platform and used the power of their network, which is still growing on a daily basis. Because the community contains members of all ages, Medal Monday's message was shared on a very diverse number of networks.

No less than 31% of the community members shared the campaign with their social networks. 26% of them shared their stories on the community. The number of extra sales are unknown, but one thing is for sure: Runners Need became a love brand in no time by using a simple push and pull strategy that personally involved all their customers in the company.


4. Conclusion


Runners Need had the excellent idea to activate their customer advocates to share their stories on social media. Most of them are proud and willing to share the effort that they put into their races. The results of Runners Need social sharing campaign in combination with the pull strategy exceeded all expectations and their update went viral in no time.

Soft results

1. The powerful and inspiring slogan “Let’s run together” ensured that all community members felt involved, not only individually but also as a group of passionate athletes with the same love for running.

2. By letting the ambassadors tell about their own experiences and letting them share personal content, Runners Need has become much more than a company for the community members. A textbook example of advocacy marketing to shape a love brand.

3. Finding a starting point is crucial to gain loyalty from and among your advocates. Every company or product has points of contact that can be explored further in order to build a long-term relationship with your biggest fans.

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