Who are Revival Animal Health?


Revival Animal Health is a pet health supply retailer, based in Orange City, Iowa. To put it simply, if you are a very hands-on pet owner, Revival Animal Health is the place to go when your pet is sick. With a staff of 74 enthusiastic individuals, the company is celebrating 30 years in business in Autumn 2019 and has seen increased growth particularly in the last 5 years when a greater focus was placed on increasing their online activities and utilising new technologies to increase brand awareness. To understand a little more about how Revival Animal Health use Ambassify within their processes we had a chat with Angie Jones, Communications Manager, and Maria Schubert, Social Media & Content Specialist at Revival Animal Heath

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What differentiates Revival Animal Health from their competitors?


Revival Animal Health isn’t your typical pet store. With a simple mission statement of “Healthy Pets, Happy Customers”, their services are aimed at the hands-on pet owner that likely has a lot of pets, or operates as a breeder, shelter or animal rescues. Their customers are passionate about the care that is given to their animals and expect a high level of service from suppliers. This is why Revival Animal Health has placed a huge emphasis on educational content for their customers, and have a learning centre packed with over 300 pieces of educational content on pet health, ranging from articles, videos and webinars, and continue to release one new piece of educational content per week.

Revival Animal Health and Ambassify


What were the main issues that Ambassify was suited to solve?


Angie: “We initially wanted to identify our customer advocates. We consistently have great NPS results from our customers, but we wanted to identify our real brand advocates and give them a voice. Internally we had issues with silos. Every company has them. We had so many good ideas but nothing was happening with them.


How did Ambassify help solve these issues?


Angie: “It’s helped identify a powerful customer voice, and lets them help you tell your story. It spreads brand awareness and our loyal customers can show support. We’ve been able to identify our external and internal fans. It’s also helped shape the company regarding future products from the feedback from our advocates. We refer to our advocates as “Paw Squad Nation”, and the adoption internally has been surprising. Once challenges were put to employees, the response was overwhelming. There’s a lot of competition to be top of the leaderboard”

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What has been the impact of using Ambassify within your company?

Angie: “It’s helped us understand our audience a lot more, and there have been some unexpected responses which have led us to reframe trail of thought in terms of offerings.

For example, a campaign called “How do you view your animals?” Previously the thinking was people who own animals as part of a business would care about those animals greatly but not necessarily consider them “family,” however, the response was the opposite. The animals are viewed as family, they are loved very much, and it’s about so much more than business. We now use this to tailor messaging to suit our clients. A little more “fluffy”, and has led to further campaigns based on the results. We’re even more obsessed with our customers and feedback, and this comes from the top down. There’s total buy-in from management”

Have the Ambassify team been helpful to you to achieve your goals?


Maria: “Absolutely. Super helpful. We can’t say enough good things about the team”


What would your advice be to other companies that are considering working with Ambassify?


Maria: “Just go for it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different campaigns. It powers your community to go and engage, and as a communications tool. The engagement metrics and ROI are also super useful”

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What do you love most about your roles?


Maria: “Engaging with customers, being able to connect and educate them. Also the people, the culture. We are all working towards the same goal”

Angie: “Understanding the voice of the customer. Using data to shape communications and marketing materials, and then watching our team bring it to life. What can we do with these insights? Plus it’s fun!”

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