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How Adecco enhances its recruitment and branding efforts through its ambassadors

Read Adecco's Customer Story to find out how Ambassify is helping them scale their employer branding strategy to amplify recruitment efforts.

Katleen Vandogstenhoven, Head of Talen Belux | Maud Lebrun, Digital Marketeer

1Empowering employees to express company pride

With Ambassify, Adecco is now giving employees the tools to claim visibility as thought leaders and showcase their company pride on social media.


2Scaling employer branding through advocacy

Through employee advocacy Adecco is amplifying its employer branding to portray Adecco as an attractive employer to candidates and a reliable partner to clients.

3Growing the numbers to amplify efforts

Adecco has recently doubled the number of ambassadors since the initial setup and has grown that number further to amplify online engagements through advocacy.


Customer chat with Katleen and Maud from Adecco

Find out how Ambassify has enabled Adecco to launch the Adeccofluencer program to involve all employees into scaling their employer branding strategy.

Showcasing pride

Adeccofluencer allows employees to showcase their pride and commitment to Adecco, which has a huge impact on recruitment and relationships with clients.

Painting a new picture of Adecco

Adecco is now able to showcase the brand in a different light than what is normally portrayed in the media and show the impact they have on society.

Building thought leadership

Thanks to Ambassify, Adecco is now able to demonstrate its high level of in-house expertise and prove how Adecco can be a solid partner to work with.

Katleen Vandgostenhoven, Head of Talent Belux at Adecco