Use gamification to activate ambassadors and increase activation

Ambassify offers optional gamification features to make employee advocacy fun for your employees and stimulate friendly competition and engagement.

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Rewarding and gamification your employee advocacy program
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Gamify your advocacy environment to increase internal engagement

Activate Ambassify's gamification options to make your ambassadors' experience more engaging, keep morale and motivation high, and recognize members for their efforts.

Stimulate friendly competition with leaderboards

When you activate gamification, members gain points and can climb the leaderboard by being active in the community and participating in campaigns.

You can also customize your leaderboards to create more internal competition between teams or keep your different user groups separate.

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Recognize ambassadors for their efforts with custom rewards

Appreciation and recognition are a daily staple in a solid employee advocacy strategy. Practice it internally directly from the Ambassify platform with our reward options.

Configure them to fit your company culture and recognize your most active employees so they can exchange their points for rewards.


Set community goals and generate community-wide engagement 

From a good cause to save the planet to corporate objectives or an internal challenge to generate a community feeling: define collective goals for your community to achieve together.

Increase social involvement and engagement among ambassadors as your community works together to achieve goals.

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AI assistant

The Ambassify platform supports creatives and non with AI-powered content suggestions to elevate your content and make your processes slimmer and more efficient.


White Labeling

Ambassify offers a full white-label package, plus the possibility of developing your own unique mobile app to unify your users’ experience across the board.



Discover Ambassify's integrations to easily and seamlessly connect your ambassador community to your most used apps and tools.

Discover how Ambassify can cater to your specific needs

Discover how Employee Advocacy can help your company scale your branding through the power of word of mouth: we'll go through your case together and show you how Ambassify can add value relevant to your needs.

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