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Company: About Us

Cultivating passion and motivation among employees

Our mission? We want to help companies build genuine and lasting connections with and among the people who are their life and blood: their employees.

Our values

We believe that our values also resemble the behavior that you can expect when working with a member of the Ambassify team. It reflects who we are and how our culture is nurtured. We expect our team to have these values in mind on a day-to-day basis.

Be involved

We practice what we preach, that is, we keep our employees engaged with the company’s mission and goals. We believe in our product and always seek what is best for Ambassify and its ecosystem.

Be genuine

Sharing truths is an essential part of Ambassify. We’re honest with others and ourselves and always own our responsibilities. We recognize biases and work to counteract them.

Be transparent

We promote an open dialogue that encourages people to ask questions and receive honest feedback from colleagues at any level. We always act with good intentions.

Work & play hard

We are focused on working hard to achieve our goals and don't shy away from celebrating our successes along the way.

Simple but effective

We like to really focus on what really matters to up our productivity, create a bigger impact, and generate results.

Hustle humbly

Everybody takes initiative in autonomy and shows involvement. We work together towards company goals. 

How Ambassify became Ambassify

From Bubobox to a new dawn of Advocacy solutions with Ambassify. Here's a (brief) story of how we became the company we are now.


Where it all started

It’s 2012. Koen Stevens and Bert Celis have just founded Bubobox and are looking for developers to bring the platform to life. They invite Wim Mostmans to join them on board soon after. Their vision? Identifying and activating brand ambassadors.

Unraveling the vision

Bubobox started out as a SaaS platform that allowed brands to create different kinds of quizzes, video campaigns, and contests to identify their ambassadors. By engaging with them, they'd be able to uncover the most trusted and active of them.


The stroke of genius

After years of working with brands, it was clear that the best-performing groups of ambassadors were the employees who worked for those brands. So, a new question came to mind, why don’t we get these ambassadors together in a community?

A new dawn

It’s now 2017, and Ambassify is born. New, rebranded, and with a broader, clearer, and more authentic vision ahead. Bringing employees together in a community, turn them into company Ambassadors, and leverage their authentic voices to amplify brands online. 


Where we are today

And this is where we are today. We have targeted Employee Advocacy and Engagement use cases for companies to leverage the trust of their employees, scale authenticity, and experience the power of word-of-mouth advocacy.

How we always give employees a voice

When it came to picking a location and activity for our team-building event, we decided to let the employees make a choice!

We set up a campaign and asked everyone to pick their favorite activity. Surprise, surprise – kayaking in the Ardennes won the poll, so we made it happen!

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How we create bonds among us employees

We put on our hiking boots and set out to meet in Durbuy to enjoy a day of kayaking, zip-lining, refreshing swims, and a poolside barbecue to close the day.

Sharing moments with friends and co-workers is something we believe is crucial for a genuinely engaged group of employees. So this is how we do it.

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