Customer Campaign Examples

From employee advocacy to sustainability, here are the most creative, successful, and inspiring campaigns created and launched by Ambassify customers

Employee Advocacy campaign examples

Your employees are some of the finest content creators available. Here's how our customers took advantage of that to share trustworthy content on social media and experienced the power of word of mouth.

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Employer Branding campaign examples

Curate your employer branding by engaging with and involving your Ambassadors to enhance your brand perception, attract more talent, and lower recruitment costs.

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Corporate Branding campaign examples

Your employees can help you define your corporate brand the same way you help them curate their personal ones. Here's how our customers did it.

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Sustainability campaign examples

Involve your employees in your social responsibility and sustainability strategy and achieve your goals faster by raising awareness and generating engagement.

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Kjel Coel, Social Media Lead At Allianz