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No more repetitive content with text and image variations

"One-size-fits-all" campaigns very rarely hit the right spot. Add multiple text and image alternatives to differentiate.

How it works
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Let users pick their preferred angle
to promote the same campaign.

Give your advocates the option to post different visuals and copy when sharing.
Different people engage with different messaging so don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

1Avoid repetitive content

Identical-looking content with similar descriptions can very quickly turn away people. Don't expect genuine engagement if the campaign feels too automated.

3 posts with the same image and copy
Example of a post with multiple thumbnails to choose from

2Multiple thumbnails

Different visuals trigger different reactions. Variation is key if you want to connect with both your advocates and target audience the right way.

3Custom descriptions

Along with a number of pre-set visuals, your users can fully customize the post description. You are able to provide some examples as well, to inspire them.

Example of a post with multiple descriptions
3 social media posts with different images and descriptions linked to the same post

4A more genuine and appealing approach

Giving options is all about facilitating the promotion of your content, in a way that your users can avoid the heavy lifting and focus on their personal brand instead.

This feature, combined with the ability to schedule content, is a diversity one-two punch. Put your content out there in different ways, at different times.