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How Barco organically amplified its content through automated distribution

Find out how Ambassify is helping Barco amplify its brand and content through automated content distribution, with the aim of maximizing its impact and extending its reach.

A nice partnership

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Ambassify created a series of automation for us that allows...

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Ambassify created a series of automation for us that allows us to automate the process of content distribution. We don’t have an extensive communication team behind it, so it was essential to have this full implementation automated. Ambassify also makes it possible for us to reuse and recycle the content that we have to spread as much as possible on different channels and impact more people.

On a practical level, the platform is also straightforward to use and user-friendly – it really takes a couple of clicks for Ambassadors to share content, and that’s very important for us because we don’t want to make it troublesome to share our news.
What do you dislike about Ambassify?

Our program is proving itself very successful, so there are no issues with Ambassify. We would like to integrate Instagram into the platform, but we know that Instagram’s API is limited on that front.

What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you?

Barco produces a lot of content used for the newsletters and the website, but that wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to find a way spread our content also outside our website and use the networks of our employees and colleagues to get the word out, distribute our content more and more and make as significant an impact as possible. Ambassify made this possible because of its automated RSS feed that connects the Barco newsroom to the inboxes of our Ambassadors, automatically delivering the content they are interested in for them to share. If you look at the engagement and conversion of the Ambassify posts, you can see that Ambassify posts score better than organic posts.

1Personalizing the advocacy experience

Barco lets its Ambassadors pick their main interests via a recruitment form to make sure only the relevant content reaches them via the automations.


2Launching automated, email-based advocacy

An RSS feed connected to Barco’s newsroom feeds content to the Ambassify platform to be sent to the Ambassadors' inboxes.

3Boosting conversion with tailored content

Barco’s been seeing promising and outstanding results, with higher conversion rates and a higher engagement on Social Media.


Customer chat with Inge from Barco

Find out how Ambassify is helping Barco amplify its brand and content through automated distribution, to maximize its impact and extend its reach.

Spreading the content

Barco wanted to use the network of its employees to spread the news that they wanted to spread on multiple channels other than their own website

Automating the process

The Barco newsroom triggers an RSS feed that delivers tailored content to the employee-Ambassadors' inboxes to make it as easy as possible for the users.

Seeing conversion rise

They've been able to see from the reporting section of the platform that Ambassify has become one of the main drivers to the Barco website.