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How KRAMP unifies branding and messaging through dealer advocacy

Read KRAMP's Customer Story to find out how Ambaassify is helping them unify their branding and messaging across all dealer channels through dealer advocacy.

Kim Flossy, Marketing Specialist at KRAMP

1Easing content creation struggle for dealers

With Ambassify, KRAMP regularly distributes KRAMP-branded content to its dealers for them to share on social media.


2Raising brand awareness through their dealer networks

Through dealer advocacy, KRAMP taps into the established and trusted network of its dealers thus raising brand awareness on a larger scale.

3Tailoring content to specific segments of their audience

Through the segmentation options in Ambassify, KRAMP is tailoring content in the community to specific users or user groups, to enhance personalization.


Customer chat with Kim from KRAMP

Find out how Ambassify has enabled KRAMP to unify and scale their branding and messaging by leveraging the established network of its dealers.

Simplifying content creation & distribution

KRAMP provides ready-made and personalized visuals and downloadables for dealers to easily share in a few clicks on their social media pages.

Putting KRAMP in the spotlight

Thanks to the efforts of the dealers and their established and trusted network, KRAMP is gaining a lot more visibility and is much more in the picture.

Unifying corporate branding

KRAMP is unifying its corporate branding through dealer advocacy, making sure they are presenting an offering a unified and consistent branding experience. 

Kim Flossy, Marketing Specialist at KRAMP