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Discover how Securex built a tight-knit, multilingual community of ambassadors

Find out how Securex is engaging its ambassadors community with tailored, multi-lingual content. They are building a collaborative relationship with its employees and leveraging their pride on social media to expand reach and claim visibility on a larger scale.

Alexandra Dhooghe, Communication Specialist at Securex

1Creating a strong community feeling

Engaging employees and encouraging them to take real pride in Securex was one of the main goals. This involves building a collaborative relationship with the employees rather than just relying on social sharing.



2Spreading the word and showing pride

Spreading the brand messaging to be able to reach as many people as possible was a second goal: this was obviously possible only by leveraging the existing network of its employees on social media.

3Managing a multi-lingual community

The Securex community is divided into French- and Dutch-speaking employees, which is why Ambassify’s language-focused features have been helpful in managing and creating tailored content for such a diverse community.


Customer chat with Alexandra from Securex

Find out how Securex is leveraging the potential of its employee base to build a tight-knit community and move beyond content sharing.

Building a tight-knit community

After a first experience with advocacy, Securex was looking for a solution to expand and grow the program beyond social sharing and instead build a stronger relationship with its teams.

Engaging employees beyond content sharing

With Ambassify, Securex is able to engage employees with a variety of campaigns: form social sharing to surveys, vacancies, ideation, social media likes, etc. 

Leveraging pride to claim visibility

Securex's goal is to grow the feeling of pride and encourage employees to showcase it on social media. This allows them to claim larger-scale visibility and expand their reach online

Alexandra Dhooghe, Communication Specialist at Securex