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How Unique raised money for De Warmste Week with a company-wide initiative

Powered by Ambassify, Unique organized a company-wide initiative involving every one of its employees to raise money for this year's cause of De Warmste Week: social exclusion.

1Setting up a community-based talent auction

Unique organized a talent auction to raise money to donate to De Warmste Week toward social exclusion: they created a Form campaign for employees to sign up and auction one of their talents.

Group 9
Group 10

2Explaining the rules of the initiative

Unique set up a campaign to explain the initiative and the rules of the game. The talent auction served as a source of engagement & gamification while getting the workforce to work together toward a common goal.

3Relying on employee engagement

They encouraged the employees to bid on each other's talents: this generated a community feeling, engagement, friendly competition, and a feeling of belonging driven by the common cause.

Group 11