Real-life employer branding examples

Get inspired by a few of our customers' most creative and successful campaigns and showcase your brand with the help of your Ambassadors.

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Get inspired by our customers' best examples of employer branding initiatives

Curate your employer branding by engaging with and involving your Ambassadors to enhance your brand perception, attract more talent, and lower recruitment costs.

Infrabel looked for actors for their recruitment video

Infrabel wanted to shoot a recruitment video: to do so, they asked their employees to contribute to the campaign by acting in it. All profiles were welcome, from programmers to engineers to warehousemen to technicians.


Helan created and shared custom-made vacancies

Helan asked employees what they liked the most about having Helan as an employer and created custom-made stories and visuals based on the answers. Then, they asked employees to choose the story that resonated with them the most and share it on social media.

Helvetia provided company-branded banners

Helvetia launched a campaign where they offered several company-branded banners for LinkedIn as "exclusive content" for Ambassadors only. This way, they enticed more employees to look for them and join the ambassador program. 


Unique displayed its culture through advocacy

Unique organized a huge event to celebrate the company's 50 years and revealed that the company was going to Marrakesh! They asked Ambassadors to upload their footage of the event, so they could gather all the content and use it on their socials.

Loop helped its employees be conversation starters

Loop Earplugs launched a conversation starter kind of campaign to help its employees break the ice and connect with their networks. The topic was 'Emojis in the workplace,' and they also provided a visual and a copy for them.


Allianz asked members for input & feedback

To have employees contribute to the content creation process, Allianz asked them to submit ideas, articles, infographics, or any relevant content that could be of any inspiration for the content creator to make a new content piece.

Plutus asked members for product feedback

To improve the Plutus product and generate customer intimacy, they made an appeal in their community, stimulating more than 50% of all members to participate in the initiative and share their thoughts to make the Plutus company and product better.