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Content creation and Social Media can be frustrating, especially when the well of creativity feels empty. That's why we created this series: to make it easy.

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Unlock your creativity and activate the potential of your Ambassadors

From the essentials of a content creation plan for Social Media to examples of how to involve your Ambassadors in your strategy to creating an inclusive and productive environment to keep engagement high. It's all here, in our Content Creation series.


Create content for
Social Media

How-to’s and examples to craft a top-notch content plan for Social Media.

From defining goals and audience targets to managing, planning, organizing, and creating your best content for your Social Media channels.

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Create content for
Social Advocacy

How to take your Social Media strategy to the next step by collaborating with your employee Ambassadors.

From finding the right angle to promote every piece of content to tapping into UGC.

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Create content for
your Ambassadors

How to avoid burnout and fatigue to ensure all-around engagement and set yourself up for success.

Create a supportive and inclusive environment to allow creativity to flow at all times.

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Helan's personalized content for recruitment

  • Collecting input from your Ambassadors to generate a ton of user-generated content
  • Co-creating content based on their response to have personalized and unique content
  • Maximizing your reach and effort by having them spread the content